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Writing Challenge  

October 1st - 15th

Get Ready. Set. Go!

Hello, wonderful friends! When it comes to writing a book and publishing it, one of the most essential parts of that process is the act of sitting down and writing. There is no replacement for it.

It's also one of the most rewarding experiences because so many important factors converge when you're writing — your interests, knowledge, and expertise; your passions, desires, hopes, and dreams; your talents and skills; your fears, courage, and vulnerability; your humor, playfulness, seriousness, and insight; and countless other aspects of who you are.

So, as you sit down to write over these next 15 days, they won't be ordinary days. They will be different.

You may be doing something you have never done before now: Writing. Every. Day.

1,000 words a day for 15 straight days.
(That's approximately 2.25 pages if you choose to use the industry standards for a finished manuscript: Times New Roman font style, 12-point size, 1.5 line spacing. But you can use any font style and size your heart desires!)

By starting on October 1st and concluding on October 15th, you will have written 15,000 words of your book. (Or perhaps some of the writing will be "support" material — like blog posts, pieces of writing for your Instagram, website copy, etc.)

By the way, if you're feeling strongly to choose a different word-count goal, we encourage you to go with it! Maybe 500 words per day is your optimal number. Or maybe it's 750 or 1,200. In any case, choose the daily goal number that feels reachable yet challenging at the same time.

It's going to feel extraordinary. We promise you.  

Now, here's the simple architecture of your 15-Day Challenge:


Write 1,000 words daily.

Without missing a day.


Word count is more important than page count during this challenge.

The end goal: to write 15,000 words by Saturday, October 15.


Look for daily emails in your inbox starting, Saturday, October 1 . . .

Heartfelt cheerleading from two people who know the power of a challenge . . . a deadline  . . . having your feet to the creative flame. 


We also encourage you to post your progress in the Forum. Info on using the Forum is at the bottom of this page.


1 check-in call 

1 live Zoom call to report how you're doing. Let's make it a rousing one! We want to hear all about the experience you're having and the progress you're making.


Monday, October 10 

from 9:30-10:00 AM

Pacific time

This call is optional. And the Zoom link is provided below.  

2 approaches

You can take a structured approach or a more intuitive or free-wheeling approach to the challenge.

Or you can mix it up - and try both ways of writing.

See examples below.

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Tips for making the most of the challenge 

Schedule yourself. To prepare, put your daily writing times in your calendar. 


What's your best time to write? Early morning? Late in the evening? Choose your optimal time.

You could have one writing session each day, or you could break it into two or three shorter sprints. What would be most fun and productive for you?


When it comes time to write, don't overthink it. Let your inner editor know that now is a time for putting words on the page. You can refine it at a later date.


Let your inner critic or any other bossy inner aspect know that they are not in charge for the next fifteen days. If you want, let them know that you'll let them have their say later . . . after the challenge.

You may want to set a timer on your phone if you're wanting to write in shorter sprints, such as 2 half-hour sprints or 3 twenty-minute sprints.


Plan to come to the Zoom call on October 10th to let us know how you're doing. Even if you can only join for a few minutes, allow the whole group to bear witness to the number of words you have gotten down on the page.

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Try different approaches to your writing process during the challenge:

The structured approach. A structured approach may include writing at the same time and in the same place every day during these fifteen days (or at least most of the days). It could also mean that you decide in advance what piece you're going to work on — which chapter or which subject you want to write about. It could be a personal story of yours that you want to get down on the page, or the story of a client, student, or friend of yours. Or it could be one of the teaching portions of your book, where you're defining and describing one of your principles, keys, or lessons learned that you're now sharing with others.


If you already have a working book outline, you may want to refer to it each day and see what captures your attention there. Then write about that


You don't need to write in a particular order during the 15-day challenge — unless, of course, you want to write in a particular order. In other words, you could choose to write about topics that may end up in your middle or later chapters. You get to decide how structured your structure is!  :)

The intuitive approach. An intuitive approach could look like this: You light a candle, take several deep breaths, and say a prayer or affirmation to be guided in your writing. For example, Kris often asks for divine guidance in this way, "God, use me as an instrument in your divine orchestra of life." When Debra is ghostwriting or doing deep substantive editing for an author, she's come to listen to the whispers from her soul, which arrive as a feeling more than a sound; this ineffable feeling allows her to sense when she's in a beautiful alignment with the person she's working with and their book. This alignment leads to greater flow and productivity. 


You may not want to decide in advance what piece of writing you'll focus on during a particular writing session. Instead, you may prefer to be prompted by your inner wisdom and/or guided by the universe.  

A combination of the two. The best of both worlds! You can choose a piece to write about in advance AND ask for divine guidance as you sit down to the page.    

Finally, remember to breathe, drink water (and maybe some coffee), and see how much pleasure you can experience during your writing sessions. 

Zoom link

The Live Check-In Call — Monday, October 10, 9:30-10:00 AM Pacific time

Meeting ID: 830 3617 2715

Optional: Post your progress in the Forum

If you would like to share some of your process and progress with our writing community, we wholeheartedly welcome you to post in the Forum. (As you know, it's our version of a private Facebook group . . . but even more private!)


Here, again, are the instructions for using the Forum:


To begin, you'll need to become a "member" of our Book Doulas site. This is the way our website provider has it all threaded together. Here are the easy steps:


1. Go to the very top of our website where the navigation links live. 


2. Click on the new "Member Log In" button on the far right side of the navigation bar.


3. Sign up to be a member by inputting your email address and giving yourself a password.


4. You can put as little or as much as you want on your member Profile page. You can add a photo of yourself. You can add a little bio if you wish. Or you can simply include your name.


5. Now that you're a member, you'll be able to post things in the Forum! The Forum is accessible right in the main navigation bar at the top of our site. 


6. The password for the Forum is: Brilliantyou444 

(the "B" is the only capital letter, and it is a case-sensitive password)


That's basically it!


All you'll need to remember from this point forward are the two passwords:

1. The one you give yourself when you sign up to be a member.

2. And the one for the Forum itself: Brilliantyou444  


Now you'll be able to post your 15-Day Writing Challenge progress - as often as you may wish.

Either way, dear writer, it's now time to write!