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Here's the truth:
Creating the framework for your book will give you the freedom to write it.

Hello dear Writer!


You probably already have some great pages written and sitting in a folder on your computer — pages from hours spent at your desk, from transcriptions of talks or podcasts you’ve done, from downloads you’ve received, etc.


But you don’t have a book. And you may not even know what kind of book you ultimately want to write.


This scenario applies to almost all of the 97% who passionately set out to write a book and abandon the process.


So, here is what we wish to shout from the rooftops:


Creating the structure or framework for your book IS the solution that the other 3% understand. It’s one of the key reasons they completed their books. It's one of the key reasons that we've completed our books! 


Our advice: Don’t sign up for another writing retreat, writing challenge, or writing workshop until you’ve created the structure for your book.


Our new digital video course, The Best Book Course, will show you what to do, step by step.

What exactly has been standing in your way up until now?

When it comes to the book you want to write and publish, have you overheard yourself saying something like this?  

"I know I'm supposed to write a book, but I have no idea where to begin."
"I want to share my story, but I'm not sure how to do it."
"I get lots of 'downloads' for my book, but then the pages just sit there - waiting for me to figure out how to put it all together. I am so stuck!"

"I know my story can help a lot of people, but I don't know what kind of non-fiction book it should be. Should I write a memoir? Is it a how-to book? I'm confused."

"I know my subject matter inside and out, but I'm completely overwhelmed every time I try to begin this book! I'm afraid it'll never happen at this rate."

"I'm a speaker and teacher with great content, but I don't know how to put it into book form. It seems like it should be easier than it appears to be in my own head."
"I'm an academic, but I'd like to be a storyteller. How do I make the shift?"

"I would like to turn my online course into a book, but I don't know how to create that expanded version." 

"I'm sure that the book I want to write has already been written."

"Who am I to write a book?"

We are undaunted by every one of these concerns because we know how to help new authors move past them. With our groups and individual clients, we do it on a regular basis!

Now you can take a shortcut and get down to the business of creating the framework for the book you want to write. Procrastination, writer's block, confusion, and self-doubt will lose all their power in the face of your newfound clarity and decisiveness


"Without the book structure, you’re like a ship without a navigation system."
~ Kristine Carlson


An Important Message from the Book Doulas   


We want you to know how we had the courage (i.e., audacity) to name this course the BEST book course. 

Separately and together, we share a rare depth of experience and knowledge in the field of transformational books. Kris is a New York Times bestselling author and co-creator with her late husband, Dr. Richard Carlson, of one of the publishing industry's greatest success stories of the past 25 years - the Don't Sweat the Small Stuff series.


Debra has edited and ghostwritten more than 20 books over the past 15 years, and prior to that worked with authors such as Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, Marianne Williamson, Ram Dass, Stephen and Ondrea Levine, Caroline Myss, and other beloved teachers as the conference director and chief copywriter of a national event organization. 

All combined, we have more than 50 years of experience in the writing, publishing, and speaking arenas and have brought more than 30 books to market.


We know exactly what it takes to write an exceptional nonfiction book. Once you determine the structure of your book with The Best Book Course, you will be off and running. (And you'll have lifetime access to the online course, including any future updates, for other books you will write.)

The clarity you will have will set you free. You will no longer be adrift in a sea of ideas. You'll be sailing toward completion and publication!


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The Course Details  

Learn the game-changing 10-Part Blueprint that we use to get books written and ready for publication


A few highlights include:

  • Knowing your "Why" and strengthening it. It's the wind beneath your writing sails.

  • Determining the genre that best suits your book and your writer's voice. In short, is it a self-help book? A memoir? A hybrid of the two? Understand what will serve your vision, and put your stake in the ground. For many, this is one of the most pivotal aspects of the blueprint course.    

  • Articulating your process and the core components of your process, which is the backbone of your book if it's a self-help book. If you're going to be writing a teaching memoir (the hybrid referenced above), these will likely have an essential supporting role in your book.  

  • Identifying and placing the stories that will illuminate the lessons and teachings at the heart of your process.  

  • Writing your book outline - which will ultimately become your Table of Contents! Yep, it's time to see how all of the pieces of your book will come together into a cohesive whole.

  • Learning how to write strong chapters - or dramatically improve the chapters you've already written. We show you how to take one chapter and develop it to the point where it becomes a guiding light for each of your chapters to come.


And there is so much more!


We love guiding people through our blueprint and seeing the lights go on! The breakthrough moments where they cross the threshold into a knowing that they can and will complete their book. 

The Primary Components of the Course


To create a course that is easy and fun to navigate, we've parceled it into  39 short videos at an average running time of 5 minutes each! We did this intentionally to ensure that the ten parts of the blueprint are super easy for you to work with ~ bite-sized lessons for banishing book-creation overwhelm. 


Total viewing time is just under 3.5 hours. 


Note: You’ll have access to all course content—and any future updates—forever.


We've created 10 gorgeous worksheets that are far more than a nice complement to the videos. In many instances, they expand on the information we share on video. These PDF  guides are essential for creating the structure that will put you quickly and powerfully in action. Use them online or print them out.


In addition to our Book Doulas Facebook community - a global family of fellow writers, teachers, healers, leaders, and transformers - we will keep you abreast of other opportunities, such as our free writing challenges, as well as our writing boot camps, writing retreats in Mount Shasta, California, and other courses and programs.

Just a few of our success stories 

Amy's cropped photo

“I’ve gone from an idea of what I wanted to actually having a book written and on its way to being published. That wouldn’t have been possible if I didn’t have Kris and Deb. I highly recommend this program. If you have a book in you and you’re dying to get it out, this is something you need to invest in.”

Amy Eliza Wong, 

communications expert, transformational coach, and author of Living on Purpose: Five Deliberate Choices to Realize Fulfillment and Joy.


“Working with Kris and Debra provided me with a structure by which I could begin to shape the ideas I had into actual chapters. [It’s] how I came to be standing on the precipice of having my book in the world. I could not more highly recommend the Book Doulas’ programs for anyone who has a dream of writing a book but doesn’t quite know how to get there..”

— Michele Neff Hernandez,

author of Different After You: Rediscovering Yourself and Healing after Grief and Trauma

"There are not enough words of gratitude for what working with Kris and Debra has meant to me. Their carefully designed program allowed me to craft a detailed book outline and chapter composition that had eluded me for years. More importantly, they held the space for me to discover how to integrate my creative writing voice with my academic one. I don't think anyone else could have done that for me. I now have the confidence, the tools, and the structure to write this book, which I always imagined in my heart, and all the others that will follow.”

— Dr. Cathy Collins,

social science scholar and author of the forthcoming book, Healing the Beloved Community: A Compassionate Look at Oppression

Cathy Collins photo 1_edited.jpg

“I promised myself that when it came to writing my first book, I would only work with the best of the best. And that's exactly what I did by choosing to work with the Book Doulas. The result is that in just a few months, 7 Keys to 7 Figures: The Ultimate Guide to Money and Freedom for Women Entrepreneurs is going to be published. I've done all three of Kristine and Debra's signature programs—the Book Incubator, the Momentum program, and Birthing Your Book (the three trimesters of bringing my book baby into the world), and I can say it's one of the best decisions I've ever made.”

— Leslie Kuster,

author, mentor to women entrepreneurs, and CEO of Back from Bali  

Leslie Kuster orange jacket_edited.jpg

Debra has been my editor for two books, with a third coming up. She is a deeply skillful editor and writer whom I trust to help me articulate sometimes complex ideas into highly accessible pages. I have known Kris for several years. She stands out vividly in the transformational field as a teacher and writer of unparalleled experience, wisdom, and grace. Kris and Debra working together is an opportunity not to be missed.”

— Barnet Bain, 

award-winning filmmaker and author of The Book of Doing and Being

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“Having worked with both Debra and Kristine, I believe they are your best choice for bringing your book into the world. They are masterful in the multitude of ways you would want them to be - from writing and editing to navigating the terrain of literary agents, book publicists, publishers, and more. Do not miss the chance to have them at your side.”

— Diana Cole,

author of Spirit Translator:

7 Truths for Creating Well-Being and Connecting with Spirit

"I can shake off everything as I write; my sorrows disappear,
my courage is reborn."
  -Anne Frank

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Writing a book doesn't have to be hard

Hi again friends!

The Best Book Course was born out of our wildly successful Book Incubator and Momentum programs (our 10-week and 6-week live programs). Creating the structure or framework for a book is not only a core aspect of both of those processes, it is one of the most popular parts of our entire curriculum. Period. The end. 


Its popularity is understandable because, as we've indicated above, creating the right structure for your book effectively removes the internal roadblocks. 

What rushes in to take their place is relief, excitement, and inspiration . . . and moments of real joy. 

Writing a book CAN be a joyful experience. We know this first-hand. And many of our clients and participants have now discovered this as well. 


Now it's your turn.

Your Book Doulas,
Kris and Debra     

The investment that will save you time, money, and energy as you write your book 

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