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Book Development Coaching with Debra

Are you ready to absolutely go for it ~ to make your book a reality?
With 2 coaching sessions per week over 4 consecutive weeks, Debra will be your
book whisperer, helping to draw forth the book you most want to offer the world.

Working together, you will get 100 percent clear about the style and structure of your book, the flow of your content, and the plan for successfully getting it written.

The structure of this intensive coaching container:

2 coaching sessions per week for 4 weeks

(via Zoom)

Special note: Due to Debra's book editing and teaching schedule, this one-on-one format is limited.     

Rapid Results


Speak to the need, frustration, pain, and unquenchable desire to get clear about the book you want to write so that you can get to the writing!    

Things to remember:

deep listening

Expertise in calling forth the [details, messages, gifts an author wants to give through their book, etc.]

Not conflicting with our incubator program and other programs; only supports your book-writing process

Some of the recent books edited by Debra   

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Michele's book cover.jpg
Energy Speaks book cover.jpg
Diana's book cover.jpg

Dear Writer,

I've spent my entire professional life involved in the world of books and authors --- primarily those focused on personal development, health and healing, and spiritual growth. I've run book stores, managed the largest conferences in the U.S. focused on personal and global change, collaborated with authors to create content for their websites, courses, and programs, written an unbelievable amount of marketing copy to promote all of these things, and had the honor of working as an editor and collaborative writer to bring more than twenty books into the world.

Yes, I love words. I love writing. But even more, I love listening. Whether I'm working with a first-time author or one of the New York Times bestseller persuasion, listening is at the heart of what I do.


I listen to what matters to you. I listen to what you know. I also listen for what's newly emerging for you . . . an insight, a new concept, a fresh perspective, or perhaps an awareness or experience you've held privately and are now ready to share.     


Supporting people to clarify and shape the book they want to write and to distill their expertise and wisdom on the page is a profoundly exhilarating, moving, and rewarding experience. In addition to the in-the-moment joy and satisfaction, there is something amazing that comes of it. A book! A conversation started by one person (the author) that comes to include many more people (the readers).


These conversations are everything ---- [left off here]  


Close with something about how this intensive four-week coaching process will be our chance to clarify, shape, and begin to distill the essence of your book. I refer to it as a "rapid-results" program because it can greatly accelerate your writing process. Determining the architecture and essence of your book will give you the confidence, clarity, and freedom to get your book written and into the hands of the people who will benefit.  


Supporting authors to clarify and shape the book they want to write and to distill their expertise and wisdom on the page is a profoundly exhilarating, moving, and rewarding experience. 

Debra Evans

Other notable books edited by Debra.   

Consciousness Cleanse cover.jpg
Your Holiness cover.jpg
Courage book cover.jpg
Why Good People cover.jpg
Third Story book cover_edited.jpg
Bio-Breakthrough book cover.jpg
Ken Stoller book cover.jpg
Beyond Soulmates book cover.jpg
Spiritual Power cover.jpg
Energetic Boundaries book cover.jpeg
Togetherness book cover.jpg
Doris Lee's book cover.jpeg
Rainbeau book cover.jpg
Practice Manual cover.jpg

Something special is happening here:
The merging of writing, editing, and coaching 

Debra brings a depth to her book coaching and editing that is rare. In addition to decades of experience in the transformational author field, she is also a certified Master Integrative Coach, having completed three levels of training with the Ford Institute for Integrative Coaching. In addition,  Debra assisted at numerous Shadow Process workshops and was directly mentored by her friend and teacher, Debbie Ford in the three additional years that Debra worked closely with Debbie as her in-house editor. In a lifetime of studying the intuitive and healing arts, these years with Debbie and the extraordinary senior staff of the Ford Institute were ___. ?? 

Debbie and me 2006.jpg

"As my editorial assistant for three years, Debra edited my weekly newsletters, teleclass and radio show outlines, and vast amounts of website content and marketing copy. Not only was she instrumental in helping me to shape ideas for some of my most successful online courses, she skillfully helped me edit three of my books.


A woman of intuitive depth, Debra is one of the most gifted writers

and coaches I know.” 

~ Debbie Ford, New York Times best-selling author

and founder of the renowned Shadow Process Workshop

Book Development Success Stories 

The Author:  Amy Eliza Wong

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Leslie Kuster orange jacket_edited.jpg

The Author:  Leslie Kuster

"Leslie's endorsement quote here . . . "

The Author:  Michele Neff Hernandez


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