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Leadership & Brand Development Coaching
with Kristine Carlson 

You are here to meet the world on many fronts - through speaking, teaching, and possibly writing. Essentially, you're here to lead in your own particular way . . . with your own kind of charisma beaming out through a platform that is authentically your own. 


You have arrived at the perfect place to take you and your brand to new heights . . . and depths.             

The Accelerated Coaching Package:

1 session per week for 4 consecutive weeks 


Your tailor-made coaching immersion will include the focuses that most meet your needs at this stage.

In your first session with Kristine, you'll determine together which of the following will be your areas of transformation right now:

Branding brilliance ~ Review your current branding and set a course to bring your brand to a new level of clarity and impact. Explore what is possible by bringing your whole self into your brand - heart, mind, and soul.

Platform-building ~ Create a plan to build or expand your author/leader presence online and offline.

Online visibility ~ Identify and develop your unique voice, your special kind of magic. 

Media training ~ Be your most brilliant (and comfortable) self in every interview, from podcasts to TV. 

Public speaking skills ~ Learn the skill and art of reaching your audience by bringing your authentic self to the stage, making a connection with people that moves and inspires them.   

Leading retreats and other events ~ Discover the secrets of facilitating group experiences with power, presence, and grace, both in-person and online. And learn the essentials of how to design and lead retreats and/or workshops that deliver your own brand of transformative experience.  

Bringing it all together with visionary growth planning ~ Whether your plan includes writing a book, building a YouTube channel, leading workshops and retreats, speaking on TEDx stages and others, or other exciting elements, Kristine will help you to develop and prioritize a plan of action that works for you.       


Discover the power of bringing ALL of you to your brand

You are a woman of rich complexity - a multi-faceted, sparkling diamond. With Kris's coaching, you will see clearly how no part of you need be sidelined or silenced. Your wholeness is the key to your greatest success.  


Tap into Kris's extraorindary experience


Who would you like to have help you go to the next level in your career and life? 

Maybe your dream coach is some who has been on . . .

The Oprah Winfrey Show

The View

Good Morning America

The pages of People magazine . . . to name only a few media outlets

Someone who was hands-on in the development of a brand new Lifetime Television movie ~ Don't Sweat the Small Stuff: The Kristine Carlson Story, featuring Heather Locklear . . . 


Someone who has authored nine books, including co-writing with her late husband, Dr. Richard Carlson one of the publishing industry's most successful book series of the past 25 years ~ the Don't Sweat the Small Stuff series . . . 

Someone who has spoken on TEDx stages and for many private organizations ~ sought after for the realness, humor, and wisdom she brings to the stage . . .

Someone who has built a thriving retreat business, leading women's retreats in some of the most beautiful locations in the world (visit . . . 

Someone who has coached hundreds of women and men to build their brands, write their books, and honor the legacy they wish to give to future generations . . .

Someone who, in addition to decades of experience in the transformational author field,  is also a teacher and guide of profound insight and intuition  . . .

If this depth of experience speaks to you, then you are in for a remarkable process of growth and change with Kristine at your side.


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"I love what I do, and I'm grateful every day for the opportunity to reach a hand to others through my work. Whether it's supporting women to find their real joy right in the midst of life's many transitions, helping another to mend a broken heart after great loss, or guiding entrepreneurs to build a brand that not only expresses their expertise but the brilliance of their Soul - I am all in!"

-Kristine Carlson

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Success Stories

The Author:  Amy Eliza Wong

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The Author:  Leslie Kuster

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The Author:  Michele Neff Hernandez


"Yes, I'm ready to shine!"


Leadership & Brand Development Coaching

This coaching package represents a fast-moving, transformative process with Kristine. Together, you will determine the primary areas of focus for the month-long immersion to support your goals as the leader and steward of your own amazing brand.  


The Structure: 1 coaching session per week (via Zoom) for

4 consecutive weeks


The Cost: $3,500

{Space is extremely limited.}