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Okay, Dear Writers. You have come so far.

Now, what's your next step?

Let's join hands and catch some momentum together!

The Momentum Program 

Book Doulas' Incubator Level 2


6 game-changing weeks: 

Beginning Wednesday, August 4, 2021   

Concluding Wednesday, September 8, 2021


Momentum is an intensive coaching and writing process for making

the dream of your book a vibrant reality. Limited to five writers.


Private coaching and editorial guidance with Kristine and Debra

This is at the heart of what makes Momentum so effective.

A message from Kris and Debra: 

Momentum is the next developmental stage for those of you who want to take everything you've learned in the Incubator program and make a quantum leap in your book journey. We will closely partner with you during the six weeks to help you attain complete clarity about your book and to make tangible progress.


It's for those of you who are either (A) ready to truly crystalize the architecture of your book (type, structure, content flow, etc.) and get started with your writing, or (B) those of you who have your writing underway and are ready to get our eyes and hands on your pages (more details on this below).


In both instances, we will help to ensure that you are in motion and solidly moving in the direction that is right for you. 

Although we will tailor your process based on exactly where YOU are with your book project, the core elements of Momentum are outlined in the sections below. 


In short, the private coaching we will do with you in combination with our editorial guidance and the small group coaching process is an extraordinary recipe for the success of your book.   

Momentum begins with a deep-diving online retreat 

The first order of business is to mark your calendar for the following:
The Vortex: A Virtual Writing Retreat
 6 & 7

Starting on Friday evening, August 6th, and continuing throughout Saturday, August 7th, Momentum kicks off with a powerful immersion with Kris, Debra, and your fellow writers. As we have found previously, this retreat via Zoom will dramatically increase your clarity, confidence, and the certainty that you will complete your book. Plus, the inspiration will be the wind beneath your writing wings.     

So let's get to the details!

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The Momentum Program Details

{Zoom call dates and times are listed in this section and the following section}



6 Wednesday Group Coaching Sessions: 11:00 am -12:00 pm Pacific time via Zoom. The dates: August 4, 11, 18, 25 and September 1 and 8 

3 Private Coaching Sessions with Kris and Debra: Two 1-hour sessions and one 45-minute session via Zoom, to be scheduled after registration.

1 Virtual Writing Retreat • The Vortex: August 6 & 7 (hours and details noted below)


Use everything you have explored and learned in the 10-week Incubator program and zoom forward, greatly accelerating your progress. 


Clearly identify the type of book you are writing, if that is still in question for you at the start of Momentum. You will be clear as to whether it is prescriptive self-help, inspirational, instructive how-to, teaching memoir, or other type of hybrid. 


Solidify your book outline: determine the flow of your content, chapter by chapter.


Clarify your content: identify the key elements of your book (such as steps, keys, lessons, or another way of bringing your expertise and wisdom forward), identify the primary stories your book will include, and create a simple blueprint for how you will weave them together.   

Articulate the promise of your book in such a way that it becomes your true guiding light as you bring your book fully to life. 

For those of you who have at least one chapter fully written, we will provide a developmental review of that chapter and will thoroughly line edit that chapter after you've incorporated our first round of editorial suggestions - providing you with one pristine chapter to be your beacon light. If you have a second chapter written, we will also do a full developmental review of that chapter as well, providing specific and highly detailed recommendations for you to incorporate (no line editing of this chapter). These two chapters then become the blueprint for how to approach your remaining chapters. 

Wherever you are on your book journey, we will help you to determine your best path to completion: Whether your final step is to work with us to complete your manuscript within the Birthing Your Book process (getting it publisher-ready), or to work with another editor, you will move forward with a rock-solid and exciting plan of action.

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The Vortex: A Virtual Writing Retreat

August 6 & 7, 2021  •  via Zoom
One evening and one full day together devoted to processing, connecting, sharing,
coaching, and, of course, writing! 
By starting off in this concentrated and focused way, we will keep you from wasted hours spent going down rabbit holes and get you moving, unimpeded, toward the writing finish line.   


Together, we will set the stage for the entire Momentum process - working with you to set powerful intentions and goals and identify key milestones to reach during the six weeks. 


Laser coaching within an intimate setting of five writers, plus us - Kris and Debra. Let any confusion, indecision, or hesitation be transformed into clarity and knowing.  

Inside our sacred container of trust, safety, and vulnerability, we will guide you through processes to break through blocks to your writing and brand building so you can take your seat at the table of published authors. 

We will roll up our sleeves with you, getting to work and helping to reduce your tolerance for putting your book-writing dream on the back burner.

We will help you dig deep, to fully unleash your voice as a writer, teacher, and transformer.  

Be heard. Be seen. Be wholeheartedly celebrated. This is a weekend for filling your inner cup to overflowing with inspiration, clarity, and confidence.


Pacific Daylight Savings Time

Friday evening, August 6

Opening Circle: 4:00 -5:30 pm


Saturday, August 7

 Morning Circle: 9:00-11:00 am 

Solo writing time & rest

Afternoon Circle: 1:30-3:00 pm

Solo writing time & rest

Closing Circle: 5:00-7:00 pm

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"Start writing, no matter what. The water does not flow until the faucet is turned on.”

— Louis L’Amour

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Program Tuition Options

Please note: Space is limited due to the nature of the individual coaching
and content review and editing process. 

Momentum: Book Doulas' Level 2 Incubator Program

+ The Vortex: A Virtual Writing Retreat

Option 1: Pay in Full




[full-pay reflects a $600 savings] ​


Payment method options:

Credit card (+ a one-time $50 service fee)

Money transfer via PayPal or Check ​

Option 2: Easy Payment Plan

3 payments of $1,933.33  =  $5,800

plus a one-time $50 credit card service charge

First payment upon registration.