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Mar 25, 2022
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Honestly, I'm losing my mojo about my work and my writing. I know why: I need conversations. I need to engage with a community talking about work issues. I'm an executive coach and leadership consultant with a specialty in support anxious high achievers. I write a twice-weekly LinkedIn newsletter, Positively Anxious (you're welcome to subscribe) with guidance for individuals & organizations who want to transform anxiety from a liability to an asset at work. I talk about all kinds of practical advice, really about total well-being at work, which includes emotional well-being. But I'm feeling flat, stale, uninspired. So, I know I need to kickstart the engine with my surefire way back to my passion, and that's talking to people. Really, listening. request: If you have a corporate job, and you're willing to talk about the pressures and stressors (totally confidentially), I'd be most grateful. I can even spend part of the time in our conversation offering guidance, if that's of interest. If this request speaks to you, please reach out to me at Thanks!


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