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Oct 10, 2022
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After an extended search, I found an illustrator for my collection of spirit animal poems. This 15-day writing challenge was timed perfectly to help me face my fears and start preparing to submit my manuscript to a publisher. For me, writing the poems was the easy part and so much fun. Coming up with a bio, describing my target audience and how they will benefit from reading my book was daunting. Today, I sat down and wrote both for my book with a working title of Wit & Wisdom from My Spirit Animal Pals: A Collection of Light-Hearted Poems That Speak to the Soul. My target audience is people who love playful poetry with a touch of spirituality and imagination. Think Rumi meets Dr. Seuss. These poems will awaken your inner child with an invitation to come out and play. I am attaching my bio and one of my illustrated poems. All constructive comments are welcome. Next task - overcoming my fears of posting on social media. Baby steps. This format is new to me so I'm hoping you'll be able to view my bio and poem.


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