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Author-Entrepreneur Coaching

3-Session and 6-Session Coaching Package Options

If you are ready to fast-track your book-writing dream, embark on intensive coaching with the combined power of our years of experience and success in the world of transformational books. Whether you are at the very beginning of your writing journey or already holding a finished manuscript in your hands, coaching with us will help you to turn your dream into a reality.

We will tailor the coaching sessions to meet your greatest needs, which may include some or all of the following targets:

  • Reviewing and elevating your branding and messaging strategy.

  • Reviewing your current author platform and strategizing your most potent path forward. This will include reviewing your website and social media platforms; and your speaker platform, if that applies.

  • Clarifying the focus and scope of your book—including book title and subtitle options; determining the promise of your book; working on your book outline and overall book structure, and more.

  • If you haven’t yet started writing your book, you’ll get your writing underway.

  • If you have a complete first draft (or are close to complete), we will review it to determine what type of editing you may need in order to have it ready to publish or self-publish; and if needed, we will connect you to one or more editors.

  • Providing clarity about your best publishing options—exploring the differences between traditional, hybrid, and self-publishing.

  • Creating a plan of action for what comes next so that the momentum you gain while coaching with us carries you forward to your “finish” line. 


Each one-hour coaching session takes place via Zoom or phone.


Although most sessions will involve both Kristine and Debra working in tandem with you, you may have targeted one-on-one sessions with either Kristine or Debra if we determine together that certain goals will benefit from laser-focusing on a specific area. 

Package Options

3-Session Coaching Package / total cost: $3,000

6-Session Coaching Package / total cost: $6,000

Custom Coaching Package / cost to-be-determined


Manuscript Review & Analysis

To ensure that your manuscript—or your first chapters, if you are at the beginning of your writing journey—are of the highest quality and on track toward the book you most wish to write, the Book Doulas join forces to give you the ultimate assessment.    

This service involves both of us—Kristine and Debra—reading the manuscript material you provide and offering a thorough appraisal and commentary. This process includes specific guidance, recommendations, and suggestions regarding additions and changes where appropriate.    

Fee schedule for MS Review and Analysis:

If you're just getting started: Review of one chapter, your book outline, and a brief summary of the book (1-2 paragraphs):  $600

Partial MS, up to 75 double-spaced pages: $2,250

Full MS, up to 50,000 words: $3,000

Book Doulas Writing Retreats


Find deep inspiration, clarity, and confidence in Mount Shasta, California

Join us for three full days in a glorious setting—Kristine’s stunningly beautiful mountain retreat home—and step into a process that exists for one reason: to make your book-writing dream a reality.

Upcoming retreat dates:

Due to coronavirus, our spring retreat has been postponed. Please check back soon.

For complete details,

visit our Book Doulas Writing Retreats page.